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S.K.M Air Conditioning LLC is a premier name in the air conditioning industry. Since its inception, SKM has demonstrated significant growth to become one of the leading manufacturers of HVAC equipment.

Featured Air Conditioning Products
SKM Air-Conditioning

Split Decorative

SKM Decorative Indoor Units are perfectly convenient for apartments, offices, hospitals, hotels and sports hall. The sleek and compact design of each decorative indoor unit takes very little space in the room and do not obstruct the windows or any openings. The fan coil units are attractively styled to blend with most room decors. Advanced system components incorporate innovative technology to provide reliable cooling performance at high efficiencies and low noise levels.

SKM Air-Conditioning

Ducted Split System

SKM Ducted mini split system consists of two types: Top Discharge air delivery and Side Discharge delivery (both are having high-efficiency performance condensing unit) matching with a low noise ducted type indoor unit. These types of mini split systems are ideally suited for apartments, houses, offices, shops, small residences, and commercial establishments.

SKM Air-Conditioning

Roof Top Package Units

Packaged Air Conditioners are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of the Gulfs severe climatic conditions and are built specifically for outdoor installations, either on ground or roof level.

SKM Air-Conditioning

Commercial Ducted Split Units

Developed to satisfy the needs in air conditioning practices, meet high quality of job requirements every time and to deliver the best in split system performance.

SKM Air-Conditioning

VRF System

VRF system incorporates a range of outstanding features, wide-range outdoor and indoor units, high external static pressure application, and energy-saving technologies

SKM Air-Conditioning

Fan Coil Unit

Fan Coil Units from SKM is a complete line of fan coil units to meet most air conditioning requirements. High-quality units are available for installation in apartments, single or multi-room offices, schools, clinics, etc.

SKM Air-Conditioning

Hygienic AHU

Designed to a high engineering standard and are ideal, where the requirements of clean and hygiene air are mandatory, like hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, food industry, electronic facilities and clean room applications

SKM Air-Conditioning

Air Handling Unit

Applicable for indoor and outdoor installation, and they are ideal for large halls, schools, offices, banks, workshops, laboratories, restaurants, cinemas, hospitals, departmental stores, mosques and supermarkets, etc

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